"Because all the foutas are  not equal"
Because you love things done well
Because you are original
Because you are unique
Fouta of Quality
is for


manufacture of Original tunisian fouta of hammam : The origin of Fouta

Manufacture of Original Tunisian Fouta : The origin of Fouta

Fouta of selekta is  simply the  fouta that is originally made in Tunisia. Fouta has a meaning in Tunisia, but none in India, China...Opt for genuine and  authentic foutas help to preserve this piece  of  Tunisian patrimony. 

Fouta of selekta: Fouta is mainly used as a beach towel

Fouta of selekta: Fouta that piece of towel which tells much:

  1. Made  of  100% finest cotton (  no  mixed yarn, no regenerated cotton...)
  2. Made since  1975 according to an ancestral way
  3. "Fouta  of Selekta" is 'FAIRTRADE"
  4. We respect our engagement, we respect our  buyers who are really our partners, who are our most welcomed guests.
  5. After all, quality is what we offer

fouta of selekta ( post card)

fouta of selekta has  many designs, many colours and patterns, fouta of selekta is exported to more than 15 countries.  A post card dedicated to our partners around  teh world.



Fouta is mainly used as a beach towel


It is said "THIS YEAR there will be NO SUMMER"

fouta o f selekta

Shuuuuuuuut : fouta of selekta; we know where you can enjoy your summer


feel  soft touch of cottoned fouta 
  1/ Large ; we made it large enough ( 100 cm x 200 cm) to  cover the body on the beach or in the hamam (bath)

 2/ Made of cotton; so no risk of allergy

Toalla de playa
 3/ Not  bulky; then you can bring it with you

 4/ Quick Dry: recommended for use on the beach
since it dries fast, besides you can get rid  of sand grain easily.
5/ Colorful and stylish : a wide range  of  models  and  colors which  fits your taste, your  indoor  decor.

6/  Versatile : You can use it indoor and  outdoor , no  limits  just  imagine where  you could put  it, Fouta is always  there, in  bedroom, sitting room, bathroom, dining room, garden, beach, swimpool,  Sauna, car, stadium...

BREAKING  NEWS Fouta as baby carrier boosts affection Between the mother and her  baby

It is proved by pediatricians and child psychologists that 
carrying your baby strengthen that essential closeness 
between parent and child... since FOUTA is made of  soft 
cotton it could be considered as  a combination  of sling, wrap and carrier

The origin of Fouta

Tunisian Fouta

You said Fouta!
it is  pronouced Fou-Tah, foooootaa then!
but what is it?
Fouta is a Tunisian towel a piece  of  patrimony. For years it is  used to be a sacred  hamam (bath) towel
however, women in some areas do keep using it till today. tunisians do consolidate the concept of respect for  the customs and traditions of  the  grandparents through  their adherence to the celebration of their traditions and  old rituals.
behind  the high walls of  houses where  tunisian  families  used  to  live , women kept their  traditional wearing habits for generations , fouta was worn by young and adults in their  daily lives  and  feast. in the medina and in some rural area you can meet smiling  women weeping in front their houses wearing a  pink fouta around the waist while placing a wooly towel over the head.
All  the  women used  to wear the fouta  and  the  ''manshef'' ( kind of  the towel placed  over  the head), beautiful  color bring attention from afar mingled  something of  simplicity and  modesty which lead  us to the history of Tunisia and  different wearing habits. Fouta has different use, some are worn in normal days  while  embroidered  one is reserved to the bride during her wedding ceremony.  A big shame  if  a  bride did not  wear  her Fouta after  the  marriage, inside her  house  or  outside,since  it is  considered  as sacred grandparent's  traditions which is  not  permitted to give up, FOUTA IS   HOLY   abandoning it is  totally   impossible.